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As an eCommerce business, it’s often hard to find partners who CARE and suit your specific goals. At Leangenix, we have a personable approach to working with clients people and we care about the results. With over a decade’s experience in User Experience design, Marketing, and eCommerce development, we help you reach your desired financial results.

Meet the team

Viktoriia Pavlova

UX designer and Marketing expert who worked with top DTC brands and projects for Fortune 500 companies such as Armani, Honest Beauty, Dyson, GHD, Olly, St. Tropez, and McDonalds.

Arash Rezvani

An experienced process and project manager working with corporate Ecommerce clients ensuring smooth project delivery.

Serhii Diachenko

Meticulous Frontend developer with over 10 years of experience in React, Angular, Shopify, working with innovative startups and DTC companies.

Core Values

At Leangenix we thrive by holding true to our agency’s core values that every team member upholds.

People over profits

Our company goal is to create an outstanding user experience, not to generate more money at all costs.

We never use manipulative CRO tactics, but instead create a cohesive online experience, so customers could make a conscious decision about the purchase and come back for more…because they love your product and experience.

Results over promises

There is a handful of CRO agencies that will guarantee you a 10%, 20%, or 50% conversion rate to sign you up.

We don’t. Conversion rate and data-driven design are unique to every project and realistically, it simply impossible to guarantee a defined result. That is why we set realistic KPIs and try to achieve them. We prefer to overdeliver than give you false hopes.

Impact over "pretty" design

We are not a website design agency that creates “beautiful” websites with no real impact. 

We create amazing shopping experiences! We do listen to your aesthetic preferences, but if the requested design element will negatively influence user experience, we always say “NO”. We rather lose a client, than do a bad job.

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