Pricing & FAQ

All our plans offer excellent value for money and will save you time, money, and stress, while preserving your reputation.
Lean CRO Assessment
1800 USD

Up to 5 hours of design or development work, extra hours are charged at $80/hour.

PRO Retainer
4300 USD / month

$70/hour for additional design or development work beyond 10 hours (optional)

Hourly Work
80 USD/hour
Minimum 10 hours of work
Basic Retainer
2250 USD/month

30 hours of CRO and development work based on your needs. Min. 3 months.  

Frequently Asked Questions

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Unfortunately not. We work exclusively with ecommerce growth agencies who want a fast and hassle-free CRO service to get clients’ sites converting and making money.


Think of us as a subtle extension to your team working away in the background to help you wow your clients.

Purchase one-off audit or set up your recurring subscription.
Of course. We require 30 days’ notice to cancel the subscription. Simply drop us an email to give your notice.

Your dedicated CRO strategist will get in touch with you within 24h to go over the questions they might have regarding your clients site. Once the audit is ready, you will get an email with the link.

Your dedicated CRO strategist will get in touch with you within 24 hours and plan an onboarding, which usually takes a couple of hours. We will show you how to use your dedicated work space, give tasks to development and design team and receive audits. We will start working on the first audit immediately! 

You can choose to pay monthly or 3-monthly. We offer discounts if you opt to pay on a 3-monthly basis.

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