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At Leangenix, we have a personable approach to working with clients and deeply care about the results. With over a decade's experience in User Experience design, Marketing, and Ecommerce development, we help you reach your desired financial results.

    About the Founder

    Viktoriia Pavlova is a seasoned User Experience designer and Marketing expert specializing in conversion rate optimization with over a decade of industry experience. She has collaborated with renowned DTC brands and projects for Fortune 500 companies, including Armani, Honest Beauty, Dyson, GHD, Olly, St. Tropez, and McDonald's.

    Viktoriia's academic background further complements her extensive practical experience. She holds a Master's degree in Arts Management from the University of Helsinki, providing her with a comprehensive understanding of the creative industry dynamics and its intersection with business strategies. Additionally, she holds a Master's degree in UX Design from Falmouth University, equipping her with a deep understanding of user-centric design principles and cutting-edge technologies.

    Her proven track record of success spans across the USA, Europe, and China.