Top Facebook Ad Targeting Tactics For Ecommerce Success

Well-targeted Facebook ads are a powerful way to get your products in front of your target audience and convince them you have just what they need. You can really hone in on your ideal demographic and target them by not only their characteristics but also their interests and where they spend their time. Then you can tell them exactly what to do next.

Here’s how to harness the power of Facebook ads to supercharge your product sales.

  1. Target by recent buying behaviour

Facebook enables this kind of effective targeting by matching consumer behaviour with individual profiles on the platform. The data is then used to segment audiences based on their past purchases. As an ecommerce business you can take advantage of this by using the purchasing behaviour of cold audiences to determine ad parameters - making it more likely your ad will land with people who are actually interested in what you’re offering.

Facebook allows you to get quite specific with the targeting, for example, not just aiming at beauty lovers but people who invest in skincare specifically - you’ll even be able to see how many people you can reach in each category or subcategory.

Try to be as specific as possible to increase the chances of finding your ideal customers. There’s no point wasting your precious cash on audiences that haven’t shown any interest in products like yours.

  1. Take advantage of custom audiences

Ecommerce businesses can leverage custom audiences in two powerful ways. First, you can connect on Facebook with your existing contacts by uploading a customer list and either including or excluding these contacts from particular ads. This helps increase brand loyalty as existing customers are reminded of your brand when they see the ads, or it can prevent you from sending ads to an audience who already know about you when what you’re offering is geared toward new customers.

Secondly, you can create a custom audience based on your website visitors and specific actions they take on your site. By installing the Facebook pixel you’ll gather data on how people interact with your website and be able to show targeted ads for specific products to those who have previously viewed them on your site. This can provide that final push they need to make a purchase.

  1. Progress to lookalike audiences

Lookalike audiences allow you to reach new people who are similar to your custom audience, so you can connect with those who are most likely to respond to your ads. You can mirror the types of people who visit your website, people on your email list, and your current Facebook followers. This allows you to increase your brand’s reach to cold audiences, building brand awareness and increasing the chances of conversion.

You can decide to create a large lookalike audience for maximum reach or narrow it down for specificity, depending on your goal. You can also create several different lookalike audiences based on behaviour.

The best thing to do is create some lookalike audiences and test them out. It’s a really powerful tool for getting your ads in front of Facebook users who are the most likely to take action when they see them.

  1. Make use of life event targeting

Facebook allows you to target people experiencing a particular life event, such as married couples celebrating an anniversary or those with an upcoming birthday. This can be useful for positioning products as potential gifts. You can even target people who have experienced the life event within a particular time frame, from 3 months to one year. The life events option is particularly useful for ecommerce brands selling seasonal or expensive products that people only buy occasionally.

It pays to be creative when setting life event targets, and think about all the different occasions when people might want to buy products such as yours, and in what timeframe they would want to make their purchase. Using life events as a targeting tool is a great way of catching potential customers at key moments when they’re likely already thinking about buying something.

  1. Mix and match different targeting options

The best strategy for ecommerce brands who want to run successful Facebook ads is to layer all the different targeting options to create a very specific target audience. You can combine different data such as demographics, location and purchasing behaviours, as well as life events, to create a very defined subsection of people who are the most likely to respond to your ad because it’s personalized to them.

A great tactic for ecommerce brands is to make use of Facebook offer ads to encourage this small subset of people to make a purchase. If you present an offer to this highly-targeted audience in an enticing way, and lead them seamlessly to your website to redeem the offer, there’s a good chance of the ads converting.

As you can see the powerful targeting capabilities of Facebook ads makes them an excellent tool for ecommerce brands wanting a quick return on investment.

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