47% Increase in Conversion for Dog Training Collar Brand

47% Increase in Conversion for Dog Training Collar Brand

This is how we creased the conversion rate for the dog training collar brand with just the website audit!

The Client

The client is an American company selling top-quality dog training collars. They have a massive success on Amazon, and they were looking to increase sales on their company website.

The Challange

Increase conversion rate fast with minimal changes and basic Shopify theme

The client had a decent conversion rate of 3% and was looking for quick ways to increase the conversion fast. The client’s website is using a theme that only had basic features and was difficult to customize, yet it was not feasible to change the theme.

The Solution

The client purchased our Lean CRO Audit, where we identified key areas for improvements that didn’t require coding and could have an impact on the client’s conversion rate. We implemented those changes within a couple of days. Among the changes were adding proper reviews, restructuring the product pages.

The Results

By implementing simple changes based on our audit, we increase the conversion rate from 3% to 4%!

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