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Conversion Rate Optimization in SEO

If your online store has organic traffic or you plan to invest in SEO, you want to make sure your website is optimized for conversion.

A conversion-optimized store will not only help you turn visitors into buyers but also increase your Google ranking.

What is conversion rate optimization in SEO?

Conversion rate optimization definition is pretty much the same across the industries. The conversion rate is a percentage of website visitors who bought your product or signed up for the newsletters, depending on your objectives. The CRO (conversion rate optimization) helps you improve your user experience and product offering to engage users and increase the number of people purchasing from you. In the SEO context, we segment the audience and only consider the organic audience and its customer journey. 

Optimizing SEO for Conversions

It is important to understand that SEO conversion optimization is VERY different from traditional conversion optimization. We shouldn’t only focus on the online store and its features but look at various search queries and conversions per query and page. 

Search queries can help us understand what users intent was. Is it getting useful information? Or maybe buying something? Understanding the intents helps us identify at which stage of the purchasing funnel the user is right now, so we can create quality SEO-optimized content for the audience at this particular purchasing funnel stage, matching intent to product or landing page experience. 

The relevance of the content and a user experience are critical for conversion. In other words, if somebody is searching for educational information such as “How to take care of your skin after turning 30”, they should NOT land on your product page as they are not ready to purchase.

What percentage of Organic Search should convert on product pages?

The conversion rate in eCommerce varies depending on the niche, price, product offering, the stage of the funnel the user is at currently, and your search engine results. On average, you will see a 2%-11% conversion rate from organic searches. If your conversion rate from organic traffic is 7%-11%, your store is doing well.

How to use Conversion rate optimization to increase your position in Google search?

In recent years, Google introduced Core Web Vitals that show how your website performs based on real-world usage data. User experience plays a central role in this initiative. Now User experience (UX) is part of Google’s ranking algorithm and will affect your position in search results. That is why Conversion optimization (which is an essential part of Ecommerce UX) is needed to maintain and grow your position in search results.

How to create a holistic CRO and CEO Strategy

You need to blend SEO and User Experience to create an effective Conversion Rate Optimization strategy. The first step is to audit your site using heuristic principles and form a Conversion rate optimization plan that will include multiple controlled experiments and iterations to keep you ahead of the competition!

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