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There are two important relationships we value here at Leangenix – our relationship with you and your relationship with your clients. That’s why all our services are white-labelled so you can feel assured that confidentiality will always be maintained when you place your trust in us. We’ll sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement, and we never publicize our clients’ names. This commitment to you means we’ve developed a unique way to showcase our work. 

Novelty Beauty Store

Our partner agency was looking to increase the conversion rate and ROAS for the new client with minimal changes to the client’s store. Taking into account project limitations, we achieved the below results by updating the client’s color palette, reducing the number of destructive elements and improving microinteractions.

Hair Care Brand

The client was looking to upgrade the brand and significantly increase the conversion rate. Our team designed and developed a brand new website, and migrated the existing client base from Woocommerce to the new Shopify store.

Guided Journals Store

Our partner agency was looking to develop a new revenue stream for the client through the personalization feature and improve the overall user experience. Our team implemented a new theme, improved the layout and copy as well as implemented a user-friendly personalization feature.

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