From 1% to 3.6% Increase in Conversions For World's First Neck Rinsing Pad For Salons

Discover how we increase the conversion rate from under 1% to 3.6% with the data-driven redesign and re-platforming for the world's first neck rinsing pad brand for salons. 

The Client

Rinsology is an innovative solution for salons, hairstylists, and barbers. Rinsing the back of a client's neck is a real challenge in the industry. And Rinsology solves this issue with its rinsing pad that rinses out color and shampoo with no repositioning.

The Challenge

Rinsology approached our partner advertising agency Ashworth Strategy to help increase sales. Upon the website audit, it was evident that their website had multiple usability issues and bugs.

The Solution

After the website analysis, we developed and implemented the plan involved:

  • Migration from WordPress to Shopify.
  • Improving the layout and design.
  • Improving checkout experience.

The Results

The implementation was performed within one week, resulting in a +321% conversion rate increase and a +622% sales increase.

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