4x Sales Growth For Wendy Drew Boutique (Part 1)

Learn how we helped our client boost sales for her clothing store.

The Client

Wendy Drew Boutique is a Texas-based fashion store empowering women of different shapes and sizes through clothing.

The Challange

Increase conversion rate and AOV for paid advertisement campaigns

Wendy Drew Boutique hired our partner agency, Ashworth Strategy to scale up her store. Based on the audit, there was a need to improve the conversion rate to maximize their paid advertising.

The Solution

The client's Shopify store was already nicely designed and only required minor modifications in the product page design to increase the conversion rate and AOV, such as adding reviews, a different color of the add-to-cart button, and improving the newsletter signup form.

The Results

With these minor modifications we achieved the following results:

  • Conversion rate increase: 52%
  • Average order value increase: 41%
  • Sales increase: 204%
  • ROI (return on investment): 970%

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