+434% Sales Growth For Jen Simpson Design

Learn how we increased the revenue for a US-based creative brand selling mindfulness journals and wedding accessories.

The Client

JenSimpsonDesign.com is a US-based brand selling handcrafted mindfulness journals and wedding goods.

The Challenge

Increasing conversions for paid advertising campaigns

The client was a successful Etsy seller, but her DTC online store wasn't performing well. The client hired our partner agency, Ashworth Strategy, to help with scaling the business through digital advertising. Our partner agency reached out for help as they aimed to launch ads soon. After an in-depth audit we uncovered several challenges:

  1. Lack of business focus. The store was selling mindfulness journals, wedding invitations, and other wedding-related goods, which was extremely confusing and customers couldn't understand the USP of this brand. While mindfulness journals were their hero products, the website was designed around wedding goods.
  2. Bugs and micro-interaction issues.
  3. Cluttered product pages with irrelevant personal information, and a lack of information about the product benefits, and composition.

The Solution

The client's Shopify store was in a bad shape as multiple developers worked on it before. Because of multiple bugs and micro-interaction issues, it was not feasible to debug it. The fasted solution was to use a premium Shopify theme and rearrange the layout to highlight hero products throughout the site.

We also updated the hierarchy of the product pages removing the clutter, and all the irrelevant information, and gave detailed instructions on creating a persuasive product page copy.

The Results

Within less than a week, we created a brand new store for the client and increased her conversion by 83%!

  • Conversion rate increase: 83%
  • AOV increase: 15%
  • Sales increase: 434%
  • ROI (return on investment): 900% within the first month

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