+320% Increase In Conversion Rate For LifePro Fitness To Boost Revenue From Holiday Season Sales

Discover how we doubled the conversion rate for a famous home fitness brand before Black Friday with data-driven website improvements. 

The Client

LifePro Fitness is a multi-million dollar home fitness brand in the U.S. selling massage guns, vibration plates, and infrared wellness and beauty products. The brand was featured in Women's Health, GQ, USA Today, Cosmopolitan, Forbes, etc.

The Challenge

The client wanted to get their Shopify Plus website ready for the holiday season to improve sales. The website had numerous usability issues and bugs that made product discovery and checkout extremely difficult. Additionally, the overwhelming amount of lengthy content, images, and popping elements created a visual noise that caused a cognitive load. As a result, users couldn't comprehend the products' benefits and would leave the website.

The Solution

After we applied various UX research techniques and analyzed the technical aspect of the site, we created a data-driven action plan. The plan involved:

  • Fixing bugs.
  • Increasing site speed by removing/replacing the apps and the Shopify theme.
  • Improving the layout.
  • Minimizing visual noise and simplifying product descriptions.
  • Improving navigation and checkout experience.
  • Making the website more appealing and easier to use.

The Results

The work was done within one month and resulted in a +320% conversion rate increase, doubling their revenue from the Black Friday sale. The client pointed out that they never got higher than 2.3% before, even during major promos, so it was a great success for the client.

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