3% Conversion Rate For Instantly Ageless Beauty

Learn how we helped our partner agency design a store for an Instantly Ageless Beauty brand that converts at 3% from day 1.

The Client

A partner Ecommerce growth agency, Ashworth Strategy, reached out to us to create a brand new store for a famous anti-aging brand - Instantly Ageless Beauty. Their hero product is often called a facelift in a bottle.

The Challenge

Creating a new Shopify store ready for growth

The client committed to investing heavily in paid advertising led by our partner agency. Our partner agency was looking to have a conversion-focused store ready within a week. The brand couldn't provide high quality creatives, so we had to rely on the best user experience practices to mitigate the lack of visual appeal.

The Solution

Since we only had a week to launch a conversion-focused website, we decided to go for a minimalist design. To guarantee a high conversion rate, we focused on 3 areas:

  1. Powerful copy - we made sure it's persuasive and clear.
  2. Plenty of UGC looking before/after pictures (in this case, low-quality creatives became our advantage).
  3. Minimalist design with straightforward add-to-cart and checkout functionality.

The Results

A new skincare store was designed in 1 week without quality creatives and it has a ~3% conversion rate and a $70 average order value from day 1.

  • Conversion rate: ~3 %
  • Average order value: ~$70
  • Sales: ~ $11K
  • ROI (return on investment): ~700%

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