+261% Conversion Increase For A Beauty Pillow Brand

Learn how we helped anti-aging beauty pillow brand increase conversions for traffic coming from their Facebook and Instagram ads with minimal but strategic website changes that resulted in whopping 261% increase in conversion!

The Client

Our partner Ecommerce growth agency, Ashworth Strategy, was looking to increase the conversion rate for their client. The client is a US-based direct-to-consumer anti-aging pillow brand - FlawlessFacePillow.com that helps you minimize "sleep wrinkles" from sleeping on one side for too long. It has been featured on Fox, NBC, and CBS.

The Challenge

Increasing conversions for paid media campaigns

With customer acquisition costs through Facebook and Instagram constantly increasing, our partner Ecommerce growth agency was looking to boost the conversion rate for their client to maximize their ad campaign efforts and reduce customer acquisition costs.

Following an in-depth audit of the customer's website, we noticed a few critical usability issues:

  • Customers couldn't find the cart
  • Customers couldn't find the checkout
  • Customers struggled to understand whether the product was added to the cart

We also found several other issues that caused customers to drop out:

  • No reviews on the product page made buyers skeptical and hesitant.
  • An overwhelming number of different fonts, background patterns, and colors were destructing. It overpowered the product images and product information, driving customer attention away from the add-to-cart button and product information.
  • No clear CTA that would guide a customer journey.

The Solution

After the audit and checklist were presented to the client, we started the implementation process. We fixed all usability issues, unified and minified color palette and fonts, added authentic customer reviews, and facilitated their collection, as well as placed CTA buttons strategically to guide the customer journey.

The Results

The updated store received +261% conversion rate increase and +97% in sales!

The updated store was continuously tested for several weeks. The results were significant for the clients as they managed to reduce their ad spend while increasing sales!

  • Conversion rate increase: 261 %
  • Average order value increase: 16%
  • Sales increase: 97%
  • ROI (return on investment): 400%
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