+244 % Conversion Rate Boost For The UK-Based Organic Beauty Brand

Learn how we doubled Uhuru Botanicals's conversion rate to prepare it for Black Friday sales. 

The Client

Uhuru Botanicals is an organic beauty brand in the UK selling hair care and skin care inspired by secret African recipes.  

The Challenge

The client wanted to modernize her website and improve sales. Though the website had no usability issues, it looked dated and needed trust components to boost sales. 

The Solution

After the website analysis, we developed and implemented the plan involved:

  • Modernizing the theme.
  • Improving the layout and colors.
  • Adding trust booster.
  • Improving mobile view.
  • Improving copy.

The Results

The work was done within one week and resulted in a +244% conversion rate increase. The client pointed out that the customers complimented her site, and she witnessed a significant increase in sales.


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