+125% Sales Growth By Implement Just One Feature

Learn how we increased sales by 125% enhancing an overlooked revenue stream and improving UX for a mindfulness journal brand.

The Client

JenSimpsonDesign.com is a US-based brand selling handcrafted mindfulness journals that help combat anxiety and embrace positive thinking. The client hired our partner agency, Ashworth Strategy, to help with scaling the business and advertising.

The Challenge

Increasing store sales through personalization

The client was happy with the work we've done increasing their conversion rate and AOV. Now she was looking to find new ways to increase her revenue. The website had a feature where customers could request a handwritten personalized note. However, this feature was difficult to find and most of the customers couldn't understand how to use it. At the same time, there was a huge demand for such a feature among her social media followers and existing customers.

The Solution

We added a personalization request form directly on the product page above the add-to-cart button and made sure customers can understand how to use it and the associated fees.

The Results

With just one feature we saw a 125% increase in the sale!

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