+ 1026% in Conversion For Tabbeau Place Perfumes Brand

If you are looking to massively improve sales of your perfume brand, this case study is for you. Learn how we increased a conversion rate for an indie perfume brand by more than 1000% within 2 weeks. 

The Client

Tabbeau Place is a small organic perfume brand based in the U.S. The client hired our partner advertising agency, Ashworth Strategy, to increase their sales via advertising. However, their website was not conversion ready and our partner agency reached out to us to help with optimizing the site for conversion.

The Challenge

Based on the comprehensive audit it was clear that website had several usability issues, the website design, images and layout were confusing and not appealing,  numerous upsell popups were too intense that caused user to drop out. 

The Solution

The first step was updating the website layout to follow people's natural way of processing information. We reduced the number of colors used in the design to allow the new product images be the center of the attention. We also significantly reduced the number of upsell options.

The Results

The work was done within 2 weeks and resulted in +1026% in conversion rate, which had a massive impact on client's business.

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