Top 3 Marketing Ideas for Online Fashion Store That WORK

If you are looking for unique marketing ideas for your online clothing store, this article is for you. Below you will find 3 strategies that work in 2022 and you need to start using them ASAP!

Video tutorials ...for fashion

Videos work. Period. Check out Never Fully Dressed Instagram account to see what we are talking about. Never Fully Dressed shows different ways to wear and pair their clothes. This is an amazing tactic that not only helps customers to understand how to wear their clothes but also helps build an emotional connection with the brand and its owner.

Loyalty programs

A simple loyalty program can help you increase your overage order value A LOT. If you are using Shopify, it's even easier. Simply install a loyalty program app and it will do the job for you. A good example will be H&M Membership program and Zara club, offering exclusive discounts, and redeemable points.


You can cross-promote your clothing store with a brand/store with a similar audience that is not in competition. The most common way of cross-promotion is giveaways, kit sales, and social media appearances.

A good example will be the partnership between Adidas and IVY PARK, where IVY PARK was promoting clothes and Adidas was promoting their sneakers. Beyonce was their brand ambassador who showcased both products in one look.

Extra tip: Superior User Experience is a must (!)

If your online clothing store is not user-friendly and enjoyable to use, no matter what marketing you do, it won't work. That is why brands like ASOS invest thousands of dollars to create an enjoyable user experience and a beautiful store. The good news is, Leangenix has an affordable conversion optimization for clothing store owners looking to have a website that sells. As you can see clothing store marketing ideas don't have to be complex to deliver amazing results. All you need is a great website, with great products, and clever marketing tactics.

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