Seal Subscriptions - Best Shopify Subscription App

Shopify marketplace has plenty of subscription apps! The most popular ones are Bold Subscriptions and Recharge subscriptions.

However, our favorite is Seal Subscriptions. It's packed with advanced features. You can have recurring invoicing and auto-charge subscriptions, migrate subscribers from other platforms, set up special shipping fees, discounts, and more. But unlike other apps, it has a 0% transaction fee on all plans.

Another amazing feature is a mixed subscription option. Your customers can start multiple subscriptions in the same order. For example, they can set the subscription interval for products A, B, C to 1 month and for product D to 1 week in the same order.

Since it is made in Europe, the Seal Subscriptions team made sure the app is GDPR compliant.

They surely won us over with their customer support. They go above and beyond to help you. That is why we always recommend Seal Subscriptions to our customers.

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