Only 3 conversion rate optimization books you will ever need!

If you want to become a conversion rate optimization expert, but you don't want to read a ton of books and take online courses, then you are in the right place. Every CRO and UX designer swears by these books. Now you can open the door to the world of conversion rate optimization!

Don’t Make Me Think (revisited) by Steve Krug

Don’t Make Me Think is more than just a CRO book. It explains everything you need to know about User experience design (UX). User experience design is a core of conversion rate optimization.

Steve Krug explains the science behind high-converting web pages. He clarifies how users navigate the sites and how you can present needed information, so they don't have to think and could easily make a decision. It will allow you to create intuitive interfaces, improve usability and create an enjoyable user experience. All these elements are crucial for conversion rate optimization.

You will enjoy reading this book because it's short, to the point, and full of witty images.

A/B Testing by San Siroker and Pete Koomen

This book is written by CEO of Optimizely, a great tool for A/B testing! This is a true conversion rate optimization book that explains what A/B testing can do for your site and how to apply it properly. I really enjoyed the part about A/B testing for Obama campaign and the results it brought. You can watch it here:

The book highlights core principles of A/B testing that will help you create your conversion rate optimization plan.

You will enjoy case studies from top corporations, tips on building the experimentation team, insights on the mathematics of a/b tests.

I recommend reading this book after you read Don't make me think as you need to have a basic understanding of User experience design to really benefit from A/B testing.

Kill Your Conversion Killers by Joris Bryon

This book is another great read on conversion rate optimization. You will find a lot of practical tips on improving conversion optimization in an engaging, informal tone.

I recommend reading this book if you found the other two too difficult. Pay special attention to Googel Analytics chapter. Joris explains in a very simple practical way how to use Google Analytics to inform your A/B testing decisions. This book is like a mini crash course in Google Analytics.

There is also a dedicated chapter about Ecommrce and tips on optimizing product pages, collection pages, cart, and checkout pages, as well as the psychology behind high-converting landing page design principles. This book is less technical and easy to read! All the tips are actionable and practical.

These best CRO books can really help you understand how it works.

But if you find conversion rate optimization overwhelming (yes, it requires a lot of knowledge!) and need some help, then get a free CRO audit delivered by our team to get started!

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