How to start a Facebook ads agency

Starting a Facebook ads agency is a dream of many media buyers. Yet many are afraid they won't be able to find agency clients. Below you will find an exact strategy many successful ads agencies used to start and scale up their Facebook ads business.

Find a niche for your Facebook Ads Agency

The most successful Fb ads agencies are those that are focused on one niche. For example, it can be an Ecommerce Facebook Ads agency or you can niche down and target only fashion brand owners who are looking for FB ads.

The best way to decide on your niche is your experience. If you worked with beauty brands before, then you should focus on this niche as you will be able to relate to their pain points much easier and you will be able to deliver better results.

Build a portfolio as a freelancer FB ads manager

Once you identified your niche, it's time to prepare your portfolio. In the end, this is what going to sell your services. There are situations when you cannot share your portfolio or you simply don't have one. Here is what you have to do.

If your previous work is under NDA:

Simply create case studies that don't mention the client's name. You are still free to describe the niche you worked in, the activities, and the results. You can also add screenshots from the Shopify dashboard and hide the brand name, so nobody could identify the client's name or URL. Here is an example:

A haircare brand from the US was looking to increase sales for their Shopify store. Within 3 months of working together, we increased their revenue by 300% to 30,000 USD per month, with 5 x ROAS.

If you don't have any portfolio or experience:

a.) If you are not planning to do ads management yourself but partner with other ad managers or resell their services, you can ask them to provide you with portfolio pieces. In most cases, they will do it as it's in their best interest.

c.) If you want to do it yourself and you are just starting, it's a good idea to test your skills on small brand owners. You can join FB groups dedicated to small businesses and offer your skills in exchange for review or portfolio.

Launch a conversion-focused landing page for your Facebook ads agency

Your agency site should address your customers' pain points and concerns. It doesn't have to be beautiful, but it has to be persuasive and engaging. Here is a homepage/landing page hierarchy you can use for starting a FB agency:

  • Hero area with a strong title addressing customer's pain points or wishes and a button to book a call.
  • A short section about your unique selling proposition
  • Case studies
  • About you area
  • A calendar to book a call (we suggest calendly)

This is simply a layout that you can use when starting your agency.

Join specialized media buying FB groups

Now it's time to look for clients. The easiest way to find clients it's dedicated FB groups for Shopify entrepreneurs and Ads agencies. Here are some of the best groups every Ads manager should join to find clients:

Facebook Ads Rockstars

eCommerce Growth Hacks | Facebook Ads, Creatives, Email & More | by Sugatan

Shopify Entrepreneurs

Build partnerships with other agencies

Partnering with other agencies can be extremely beneficial. As a small agency, you need to spend some time on marketing before you get that big recurring client you dream of. However, you need to make money NOW. That is why partnering with other ads agencies, growth agencies, or marketing agencies can be lucrative. You will have a constant flow of orders. Then you can focus on your marketing and brand-building activities with peace of mind.

Create quality content on your blog and social media

Content is a king! Start creating blog posts and case studies that will rank with time and bring organic traffic to your FB agency site. When your content is of high quality, you will get social media shares that will bring you even more traffic.

It's a good idea to start Instagram and Tiktok accounts sharing useful tips. Such marketing activities will help you position yourself as an expert, and they don't have much time!

Don't forget about Linkedin! Simply share your articles or video on your company profile and then your personal profile, make connections with your ideal clients or other agencies and they will see your content. If they see value in your content, they will surely get in touch with you!

Turn clients into brand agency ambassadors

Once you get your first clients, make sure to ask them for a review either on your FB page or as a video review that you can add to your site. You can also offer them a commission for recommending you to their friends. The more people they bring the lower price they get for your services. This offer can be really attractive for smaller brand owners.

Starting Facebook ads agency is easy, but you have to understand that you might be liable if something goes wrong. That is why you need to have an LLC and insurance that would protect you from any liabilities. Also, make sure you have a bulletproof contract as it will protect you from any wrongdoings from the client's side.

I hope this list of steps for starting a Facebook agency was useful and you can finally make your dream come true. If you need help with creating a top-notch conversion-focused website for your Facebook ads agency, get in touch with us!

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